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insight and comprehension

Tale of the horoscope?


We are all born with our very own team of players, with their individual strengths and weaknesses, cooperation and conflicts.

We live this life through our team, in co-operation and adversity, while experiencing, experimenting, learning and growing.

As a coach for our team.

However, the team may rebel and quite unexpectedly pursue its very own agenda, contrary to our plans and wishes.

Mayhem and trouble will be the outcome.


Perhaps hidden conflicts, unresolved issues, fate or karma that surfaces?

The horoscope shows our team, thus revealing both the hidden conditions on the team and unexpected influences from external conditions.

Astrological counselling

Special experience in career, jobs, economics and relationships, analysis of present conditions, and prospects for the coming period, supplemented by specific questions.

Background in astrologer diploma education at the Irene Christensen Institute and more than 40 years of experience, methodology based on modern Western astrology, Placidus / Kündig, horary.


Steen Egeberg
DK-1700 København V   

   Steen Egeberg

cvr 17063049

So how to proceed?

Place of birth and time is determined and corrected by life events, and topics of the consultation is discussed.

Dialogue is based on the horoscope, being a picture of our team's abilities, opportunities and conditions, karma and thereby potentially providing valuable understanding of our reactions and opening doors for new opportunities.

Does it work and why?

Astrology is based on more than 2,000 years of observations of the relationship between celestial bodies' movement, and events here on Earth. Jung reasoned that everything is connected, in synchronicity. But scientific evidence is not to be expected, and therefore it is entirely up to the individual to assess the value.

What will it cost?

Since it is an interest and hobby business for me, I just have to cover costs, of DKK 500, - excl. VAT per session.


There are many skilled, professional astrologers in Denmark and internationally - and since all roads lead to Rome - consultation with clairvoyants or tarot readers may also give really good results.